cap has a case of micheal jackson nose, bucky looks like a baby with a toupee, namor looks like a racist geisha drag act and jim and toro dont even have faces. 
im horrified


cap has a case of micheal jackson nose, bucky looks like a baby with a toupee, namor looks like a racist geisha drag act and jim and toro dont even have faces. 

im horrified

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Anonymous asked: PSA: New Invaders is not the cute romp in space you want it to be. Especially not if you have even the slightest bit of attachment to Jim Hammond or Toro Raymond.



Anon, I agree. I just meant the “goes into space with friends” thing. I’m very…mixed on ANI. I mean, I’m still reading it, but I can’t quite figure out why it’s still on my pull list, even as I’m desperately culling it. 

Probably an attachment to the characters & to Kree dickery & the hopes that it will get better.

I really really wish it was a cute space romp.

One of the things I admire most about Bru is his bullheaded single minded devotion to bringing Bucky Barnes back so if I was writing that book I would use it to have Bucky bring my favorite dead character back. (Phyla). IT WOULD BE SO META. AND METAL. AND CUTE. And completely self indulgent. 

Someone needs to bring Brian back. Brian and Roger need a happy ending :(


I wonder where the rights are for the original Human Torch… I know he was technically in Captain America as an Easter Egg but if they wanted to use him for the MCU, I’m wondering if Fox would try to start shit. Because technically, he has nothing to do with Johnny Storm.

And Namor. Forever…

Namor was indeed given to Fox (or whoever owns FF) plus he is a mutant. So I think it would be hard for Marvel to get him back.

Not to mention technically Toro is a mutant so Fox could throw a fit there too :(

But I really really want Invaders something. I would even take an animated cartoon

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Reading about the All-Invaders tie in for Original Sin and

What untold horrors lay the blood soaked past of Namor and Jim Hammond?

Um, what horrors DON’T lay in the blood soaked past of Namor and Jim?

Like haven’t these to like decimated city blocks during squabbles? And let’s not start on Namor.

Reblogging for truth.

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The Human Torch’s new S.H.I.E.L.D. outfit and Radiance, both by Marc Laming.

Oh Jim
I guess he was a fan of the commander Rogers uniform too :)

Also Radiance looms great.
So, is it June yet?


Happy Captain America and Winter Soldier Day to a large number of my followers :D 

In celebration, a quartet of BUCKY NO!!!
One of them is even (terribly) animated :D

FYI there is a stolen version going around crediting the source as mari_sokoli, please do not reblog that version!! Or if you do, credit katiecrenshaw


Aliens vs Invaders short brought to you by a wandering mind at and office

Please someone talk me out of an Invaders versus Aliens crossover
I do not have time.

But it would be the greatest practice comic EVER … . .
Granted Aliens versus Invaders consist of

*Aliens jump out:
Steve: *sling shield, notes acid dripping from severed arm* BUCKY! No shooting them
Bucky: You fucking kidding me? What should I do Steve, use strong language?
Namor: *aliens swarm Namor* FOOLS! I AM THE AVENGING SON *flings aliens into wall*
Jim: We got this *looks to Toro* Ready lad * Jim and Toro set all Aliens on fire*

Bucky: *stares at burning corpses of aliens* Wow, those were some ugly monsters
Steve: We better make sure we’ve cleared the area.
Toro: *Starts more fires*
Bucky: WHOA! Watcha doing that for?
Toro: There were eggs, don’t want more of those things hatching.
Steve: Good call
Namor: That was a holy unsatisfying fight. Those were the best creatures the nazi’s could find to send against us?
Jim: Please Namor, shut up.

Because really Aliens versus Torches? Pffftttt
Of course that becomes the interesting aspect of writing it.


Never too soon


Never too soon


My AU versions Namor and Jim Hammond, the original Human Torch, Captain America, and Emperor Doom. The cards were made a few years ago, the solo images up top were done last night on moleskin to test the paper with copics.

The new japanese female Legacy character that will be introduced in All-New Invaders #6 has been confirmed to be Gwenny’s Granddaughter. 


And thank you to this awesome awesome anon who alerted me to this information. Tumblr did a glitch thing and I couldn’t respond to the note and now it’s gone like I did respond (thanks tumblr for those auto-deletes) so credit where credit is due, without the anon heads up, I’d not have known of this :D

Photos above, Gwenny gets a redesign on her WWII outfit and I for one very much love it (The other was IMHO not practical and a bit of a painful stereotype at best). 

The other photo is of the new Character, Radiance. The  art is by Retsu Tateo

You can read the full interview here: